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Since 1947, we’ve been looking for products with the best price/performance ratio throughout Europe and Asia to provide you with the best service. Our catalog is one of the biggest on the market, and this variety has always been the key to our success on the replacement market.


Founded in 1947 by Jean Leiris, SOCAH began its activity by selling crumb rubber for pneumatic retreading, before heading towards the original equipment market for farm equipment. The company was subsequently led to open to the replacement market, thus expanding its product range. Throughout the decades, Socah has grown and adapted to this ever-changing market, and is now a benchmark in the trade of tires, inner tubes and wheels.

Socah Yesterday


  • Founder MR Jean Leiris
  • Creation 1947
  • Staff 3 employees



  • 86 employees
  • 7 teams of technical and sales engineers
  • 2 French OE Teams
  • 1 Export team
  • About 20 000m2 storage divided in 2 warehouses
  • 80 000 tires
    130 000 inner tubes
    65 000 rims
    in permanent stock
  • Over 4000 professional customers
  • Over 5000 product references
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